2013 CRANAplus Election Platform

8 Aug 2013

CRANAplus has iden­ti­fied a num­ber of issues that are impor­tant to their mem­bers and the remote health clients they serve.

All of the issues out­lined have a basis in access and equi­ty of health care and have a sig­nif­i­cant impact on the lives of peo­ple who live and work in the remote and very remote sec­tors of Australia.

We call on all can­di­dates and polit­i­cal par­ties to con­sid­er the health and well being of remote Aus­tralians includ­ing those with the worst health out­comes in the Nation. These are often the for­got­ten Aus­tralians and deserve what oth­er Aus­tralians take for granted.

Our three pri­or­i­ty issues are of impor­tance and all have an impact on the clos­ing the gap’ strat­e­gy for Indige­nous Australians.

It is vital that they too have access to well trained, well sup­port­ed health pro­fes­sion­als and the best pos­si­ble care we can give them.

Please click here to read our pri­or­i­ty issues.