Certification Overview

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CRANAplus is committed to excellence in delivering high quality, practical and relevant programs and services, that aim to build the capacity of the remote workforce for the provision of competent, safe and quality health care.

CRANAplus believes that this certification process will help set a minimum standard for professional practice, improve remote healthcare, provide professional recognition of the specialty of remote area nursing and help to quantify the large amount of educational preparation, it’s time commitment and cost.

What is CRANAplus RAN Certification?

Certification is a self and peer assessment that a RAN may choose to undertake to evidence that they meet the minimum essential requirements to be a safe provider of healthcare in remote, isolated and rural areas.

The Professional Standards of Remote Practice for nurses is the foundation from which the minimum standards are built.

The entire process has been developed in consultation with an industry wide expert advisory group.

Certification lasts for three years from the date of issuing.

Download the certification brochure for more detailed information on RAN Certification

The Certification Process

  • CRANAplus members are provided the certification process for free as part of their membership.
  • Non-Members will need to purchase the certification process.

Click here to view the RAN Application page in your dashboard (you will need to sign in or register if you’re not signed in).

You will need to go through each of the nine standards and provide the requisite answers, upload the evidence and/or indicate that you have read the links.

You can save and leave the process at any time and return and continue the self-assessment at your leisure. Once you have completed and are happy with your self-assessment, you can click the submit button.

One of our CRANAplus professional officers will review the submitted application. Once deemed complete you will be automatically issued with a three-year certificate of RAN certification,If not complete then provided with assistance, a suggested work plan and a provisional certificate of RAN certification.

At any time, you can seek further information, clarity or assistance by emailing RANCertification@crana.org.au