CRANAplus Awards

The CRANAplus Awards recog­nise remote and iso­lat­ed health pro­fes­sion­als who have made a sig­nif­i­cant con­tri­bu­tion improv­ing health out­comes or have made a spe­cial con­tri­bu­tion to their pro­fes­sion. Nom­i­nat­ing a col­league or ser­vice provider is an excel­lent way to show your admi­ra­tion and respect for their hard work. 


Any indi­vid­ual, group or com­mu­ni­ty may nom­i­nate a per­son for an award. 

Exclu­sion Cri­te­ria — No cur­rent Board mem­bers to nom­i­nate and no self-nom­i­na­tions will be accepted. 

Nom­i­na­tions must include the names and con­tact details of the (2) nominators/​ref­er­ees who can sup­port the inves­ti­ga­tion of the verac­i­ty of the nom­i­na­tion. Nominators/​Referees will be con­tact­ed by the selec­tion com­mit­tee, for a pro­fes­sion­al ref­er­ence check.

CRANAplus Award Nominations

There are three award cat­e­gories for which a nom­i­nee may be eligible.

  • If nom­i­nat­ing for mul­ti­ple cat­e­gories, a form for each cat­e­go­ry is required to be completed. 
  • Nom­i­nees must be a CRANAplus Member 

Click here for Full Awards Cri­te­ria Guidelines


The Awards Selec­tion Com­mit­tee will deter­mine the Award win­ners based on the cri­te­ria spe­cif­ic to the nom­i­nat­ed category.

In the absence of suit­able nom­i­na­tions for an Award, the Selec­tion Com­mit­tee may deter­mine there to be no win­ner of that Award. 

The deci­sion of the Com­mit­tee is final.

Pre­sen­ta­tion of the Awards.

The Awards will be pre­sent­ed annu­al­ly at the CRANAplus Nation­al Conference. 

Nom­i­na­tions are to be made online by 19th July . For fur­ther enquiries con­tact 08 8408 8207.

Please note all Prin­ci­pal Nom­i­na­tors must sign in to the CRANAplus Web­site to access the Online Nom­i­na­tion Form.

2019 CRANAplus Award Online Nom­i­na­tions are NOW CLOSED