Previous Awards Winners

2017 Winners

Aurora Award: Associate Professor Sue Lenthall

A Veteran remote area nurse with 3 decades of unbroken experience as an educator, researcher and in leadership roles, Professor Lenthall has a visionary approach supporting the remote health workforce.

Sue has been involved in most of the critical projects that have shaped the profession today.
She has demonstrated a high level of commitment to the nursing profession and an outstanding
commitment to remote health, the profession of remote area nursing, and to Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander health workers, doctors and allied health through various leadership roles.
Sue has also overseen the development of nationally acclaimed remote health education, led innovation, and been central to critical research as well as contributing to the evidence base on which health service and workforce policy is developed.

CRANAplus Award Winners

Excellence in Education/or Research in Remote Health: The Nursing Education Team, Torres & Cape Hospital & Health Service

The Excellence in Education and Research Award is proudly presented to the dynamic Nursing team at Torres & Cape Hospital & Health Servicewho deliver education to nursing staff across a geographically challenging and diverse settings in a culturally appropriate manner. They go above and beyond to ensure that nursing staff receive the latest and evidenced-based education.

They are always available to help and mentor staff at all levels from students to senior staff.

The CRANAplus Excellence in Education/or Research in Remote Health Award is sponsored by Centre for Remote Health

Excellence in Remote and Isolated Health Practice Award: Ms Kathy Arthurs

Ms Kathy Arthurs worked in the emergency department and as a hospital co-ordinator and clinical educator at Bowral Hospital for many years, but has since moved to Alice Springs to work with the RFDS as a Flight Nurse, and has been the Senior Flight Nurse for the past 5 years.

Since her appointment as the Senior Flight Nurse, she has established systems which support the safe, efficient and effective delivery of aeromedical services out of Alice Springs. Ms Arthurs has built effective working relationships with colleagues and many external stakeholders, and is respected by her staff as a
leader and mentor. In addition to her management role, she continues to work operationally as required and is a facilitator for the Central Australian Retrieval Training course. She is the joint Secretary of Flight Nurses Australasia, and regularly instructs REC courses for CRANAplus. Her most recent achievement is the
successful introduction of nursing student placements within RFDS NT operations.

The CRANAplus Excellence in Remote Health Practice Award is sponsored by Mt Isa Centre for Rural & Remote Health

Collaborative Team Award: Mookai Rosie Bi-Bayan

After 30 years of service, Mookai Rosie Bi-Bayan, or ‘Auntie Rosie’s Place’, has grown from humble beginnings, to becoming a leader in Maternal Health Support for Indigenous women, providing both Primary and Wellbeing services. This team has expanded its breadth of services to provide a comprehensive health support service including:

  • social and emotional wellbeing support via a dedicated team an after-hours nurse
  • bus transport to medical and social venues six times per day
  • modern home-style accommodation and meals with 24hr Health Workers
  • and, importantly, playing an integral role in the training of future Indigenous health practitioners by accepting work
  • placements from Health students from a variety of education institutions.

A major statistical indicator of success is that Mookai Rosie Bi-Bayan has worked closely with Qld Health Nurse Navigators to achieve a 97% attendance rate for remote community clients with medical/surgical appointments in Cairns. Coupled with the organisations progression into assisting families, with a particular
focus on behaviour change and empowerment of men, Mookai Rosie Bi-Bayan has broadened its services so that it can be a strong link in the chain which aims to address present health issues for Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander people whilst also contributing to positive change and the betterment of future generations of Indigenous Australia.

The CRANAplus Collaborative Team Award is sponsored by Bellette NT Creative Agency

Outstanding Novice/Encouragement Award: Ms Isabel Pearce

As the winner of the Outstanding Novice and Encouragement Award, Ms Isabel Pearce has demonstrated an absolute commitment to remote and isolated healthcare.

An outstanding clinician, her clinical knowledge and application of this knowledge to practice is admirable. She has a positive, contagious attitude that demonstrates enthusiastic persistence and a yearning to increase knowledge and skills. Ms Pearce has taken every opportunity offered to engage in learning and actively seeks feedback from colleagues, management and patients as a measure for their practice, while demonstrating a desire to always improve.

She is a great patient advocate with a maturity beyond their years of experience and an outstanding role model to other graduates.

The CRANAplus Outstanding Novice Award is sponsored by Aussie Wide Economy Transport

Excellence in Mentoring Award: Mr Steve Brown

Mr Steve Brown is a long-term remote area nurse who has made significant improvements and changes as a Senior Remote Area Manager which include:

  • implementation of new safety structures for nurses on call outs,
  • ensuring that pay scales are meeting awards,
  • implementing Professional Development opportunities for all staff; and
  • ensuring that policies and guidelines are in place and adhered to in all aspects of care.

Time spent as a remote area nurse and diabetic educator saw changes implemented in medication management across the health service and support for closer association between all the clinics,
which has resulted in improved communication and consistency of care.

The CRANAplus Excellence in Mentoring Award is sponsored by the Remote Area Health Corps

Past Award Winners


Aurora Award: Glenda Lucas

CRANAplus Awards:

Excellence in Education/or Research in Remote Health: Tobias Speare

Excellence in Remote Health Practice Award: Rita Appelt

Collaborative Team Award: Cooper Basin RFDS Team

Novice/Encouragement Award: Daphne De Jersey


Aurora Award: Sandra McElligott

CRANAplus Awards:
Excellence in Education/or Research in Remote Health: Sally Foxley
Excellence in Remote Health Practice Award: Annette Jones
Collaborative Team Award: Utira Kulintjaku (UK) Team, NPY Women’s Council
Novice/Encouragement Award: Benjamin Crough


Aurora Award: Judy Whitehead

CRANAplus Awards:
Excellence in Education/or Research in Remote Health: Annette Olsen
Excellence in Remote Health Practice Award: Dinah Northcott
Collaborative Team Award: Midwifery Group Practice, Central Australia & Apunipima Cape York Health Council’s Maternal and Child Health Team
Novice/Encouragement Award: Catherine Jurd
Excellence in Mentoring Award: Jonathon Wright


Aurora Award: Donna Hindmarsh

CRANAplus Awards:
Excellence in Education/or Research in Remote Health: Vicki Gordon
Primary Health Care Champion Award: Yvonne Tan
Excellence in Remote Health Practice Award: Christine Foletti
Collaborative Team Award: Indian Ocean Territories Health Service
Novice/Encouragement Award: Emily Taylor
Excellence in Mentoring Award: Sheryl Alexander


Aurora Award: Sue Kildea & Karen Schnitzerling

CRANAplus Awards:
Excellence in Remote Health Management Award: Lesley Pearson
Primary Health Care Champion Award: Debbie Thompson
Excellence in Remote Health Practice Award: Rebecca Vele
Collaborative Team Award: Frontier Services – Savannah Regional Health Service
Novice/Encouragement Award: Sarah Marsh


Aurora Award: Kary Sachse

CRANAplus Awards:
Excellence in Remote Health Management Award: Monica Frain
Excellence in Mentoring in Remote Health Award: Theo Allan
Primary Health Care Champion Award: Katie Pennington
Excellence in Education and/or Research in Remote Health Award: Julia Stewart
Excellence in Remote Health Practice Award: Debbie Moon


Aurora Award: Isabelle Ellis

CRANAplus Awards:
Clinical Excellence Award: Nazlin Remtula
Excellence in Primary Health Care Award: Sharon Liversey
Excellence in Mentoring Award: Selina Kulitja
Excellence in Remote Health Management: Emma Barritt


Aurora Award: Robyn White

CRANAplus Awards:
Clinical Excellence Award: Doune Hepner
Excellence in Remote Health Management Award: John Wilson
Collaborative Team Award: Torres Strait Outer Islands remote area nurses
Excellence in Primary Health Care Award: Bev Hamerton
Novice/Encouragement Award: Lisa Hall
Excellence in Research and/or Education Award: Sue Lenthall


Aurora Award: Vicki Gordon

WA: Vanessa Page
NT: Sharon Weymouth
SA: Beth Hummerston
QLD: Bev Hamerton
VIC: Caitlin Steiner


Aurora Award: Libby Bowell

NT: Mary Stafford
TAS: Mark McKenna