SSS - Stay Safe & Secure

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About this Course

  • Do you place priority on your personal safety and security?
  • Would you like to increase your confidence in dealing with threatening situations?
  • Are you required to prevent and/or manage aggression and violence?

The Stay Safe and Secure (SSS) course is designed to enable the remote health staff to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent and manage with confidence incidences that threaten personal safety and security in a remote health setting with a focus on aggression and violence. 

Who is this course for?

The SSS course is designed to be engaging and informative whilst meeting the learning needs of the remote and isolated health workforce (clinicians, managers, administrators and support staff).

The course can be modified according to the needs of a health service and be delivered on an organisational basis.  

Course Delivery

The SSS course consists of blended:

  • Online pre-course learning and assessment that must be completed one week prior to the course - approx. 3hrs of study.
  • One-day face to face workshop including lectures, group work and scenario based learning activities.

Graduates of this course will have covered:

Core (Clinical & Non-Clinical)

  • Medico-legal principles, literature & guidelines
  • Remote health & safety risks
  • Mental health literacy
  • Pre-disposing factors
  • Incident reporting
  • Social & interpersonal factors
  • Self-awareness & self-care
  • Communication skills
  • De-escalation techniques - verbal and non-verbal
  • Equipment – alarms

Clinical Staff

  • Managing difficult behaviours
  • Risk assessment and safety tools
  • Advanced de-escalation
  • Emergency procedures
  • Break away moves

Graduates of this course will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of occupational health and safety and relevant legislation, principles and guidelines;
  • Explain how the most significant threats to remote workforce health and safety are controlled within your work; and
  • Identify, assess and respond to aggression and violence in according to their needs and abilities.

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