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ATSI Maternity Emergency Care course


  • We like this course, it’s for all Australia, not just Queensland. When we ask you are happy to break down the big words so we understand.

    Andrew, Thursday Island

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioner - Maternity Emergency Care course

Aboriginal Health and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers/Practitioners are an integral part of any remote emergency team and as such need to have access to the same knowledge around the principles of care for the critically ill or injured patient or the pregnant woman.

The ATSI MEC course is designed to up skill health workers/practitioners to provide emergency care for pregnant women and their babies in the remote setting.

The ATSI MEC follows the same principles and content of the generalist MEC course, but is run over 3 days to allow more scenario based learning and have a more suitable daily program.

A male only ATSIHW/HP MEC course is offered separately to the female ATSIHP MEC courses.

Who is this course for?

The course is available to all Aboriginal and Torres Stait Islander Health Workers/Practitioners. Please note ATSI Health Workers/Practitioners are also eligible to attend any multidisciplinary MEC or REC course.

Graduates of the course will be able to:

• Identify the process to respond in a safe, timely and appropriate manner to an emergency in the remote context including using equipment, communication systems, transport and retrieval.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of management for the mother and neonate in the remote setting.
• Demonstrate a systematic approach to primary, fetal and secondary survey
• Demonstrate immediate life support skills required in the management of the critically ill woman and/or baby
• Recognise the role of the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Worker/Practitioner in the management of the critically unwell woman or baby

Nationally recognised training:                              

The ATSI MEC Course contains the following Units of Competencies;                                                                      

    HLTHIR403C     Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers
    HLTHIR404D     Work effectively with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people 

More infiormation regarding these Units is available via the official www.training.gov.au website.

ATSIHP MEC course costs:

CRANAplus Member: $600.00 per person

Non-CRANAplus Member: $650.00 per person