Bush Support Services Workshops

Bush Support Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of resilience-building workshops aimed at improving the psychological, social and emotional well-being of those working in the bush. These workshops are skills-based with the primary goal of sustaining people and enabling them to not only survive, but to thrive whilst working in the remote context.

Facilitators are experienced psychologists who are living and working in rural and remote locations around Australia and have many years experience in the provision of workshops in remote locations including Torres Strait Islands, Cocos and Christmas Island, Kimberley, Alice Springs, Gove, North and West Queensland and outback NSW.

The workshop portfolio includes 4 tiers of complementary workshops that can be combined or built upon to tailor to the needs of individual organisations. These workshops are ideal for workplaces wanting to orientate staff to working remote including mining companies, rural and remote GP’s associations, defence and police forces, ambulance officers, teaching staff, medicare locals and medical and nursing associations.

BSS Workshops are delivered on demand and tailored to meet the needs of our clients. For further information please contact:  scp@crana.org.au

Our Workshops


CECW - Collaborative, Engaging and Connected Workplaces

The CECW workshop explores the central idea that respectful behaviours are central to a healthy workplace culture. The workshop addresses interpersonal skills, values-based and reflective practices that are necessary for dealing with the complexities of workplace culture.

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Helpful Conversations (Basic Counselling Skills)

Health professionals of all disciplines need to be able to communicate with their patients and clients in helpful ways. This workshop introduces the fundamentals of counselling style. It explores the unique array of communication skills, such as body language, attending, questioning and active listening and empathy that are employed by counsellors to relate to others and to effect change.

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Online DIY Managing Conflict Workshop

In this course you can explore some different ways of handling conflict, including issues such as expressing your feelings, building self-confidence and improving communication. The module is presented in seven discrete sections which contain background reading material together with suggested exercises which are to be completed before advancing to the next Learning Package.

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PPT - Psychological Preparedness for Trauma

Workers in remote health workplaces are more likely to experience traumatic events. This workshop looks at ways participants can prepare for the psychological impact of trauma. The workshop explores specific strategies aimed at mitigating the emotional and behavioural consequences of being exposed to trauma.

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RES - Building Resilience & Reflective Practice

Resilience is the extent to which individuals can cope with adversity. It is a skill rather than a personality trait. Using the principles of Positive psychology, this workshop aims to explore the skills necessary to better cope with stress. The workshop covers topics such as the importance of connecting with others, having a passion, creativity and mindfulness.

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