Media Releases

  1. 23 Mar 2017

    Gayle Woodford Anniversary

    One year ago our colleague Gayle Woodford, was tragically murdered in the remote community where she worked and lived. Our thoughts on this anniversary are with her family, friends and colleagues.

  2. 19 Jan 2017

    Remote Health Workforce Safety Its time for change

    CRANAplus, the peak professional body for Australia’s remote & isolated health workforce, today released their report into Workforce Safety and Security. The report is the first stage of a larger project, funded by the Commonwealth Government. The project was initiated following the death of Ms Gayle Woodford, a Remote Area Nurse, in remote South Australia in April 2016.

  3. 26 Jul 2016

    Royal Commission into the Juvenile Detention system in the NT

    CRANAplus fully supports a Royal Commission into the Juvenile Detention system in the Northern Territory.

  4. 6 Apr 2016

    Media Release - Lead Remote Health Agency calls for Zero Tolerance to Violence

    ​For three decades CRANAplus have been advocating for safe and secure work environments for the remote health workforce. The recent tragic event of the murder of remote area nurse Gayle Woodford over Easter has mobilized the nation to support calls for improved safety and security measures for the remote health workforce.

  5. 27 Oct 2014

    Remote Health Professional of the year announced

    During the 32nd CRANAplus Annual Conference Dinner, Judy Whitehead was announced as the recipient of this year’s Aurora Award.

  6. 11 Oct 2014

    Remote health workers use skills to fight Ebola

    ​It has long been identified that clinicians who practice in the specialty of remote and isolated health in Australia, have the skills, knowledge and aptitude that International Humanitarian Organisations are looking for when recruiting their volunteers.

  7. 21 Aug 2013

    CRANAplus the top performer!

    CRANAplus is thrilled to announce that it has topped the charts when it comes to member satisfaction and engagement.

  8. 8 Aug 2013

    2013 CRANAplus Election Platform

    CRANAplus has identified a number of issues that are important to their members and the remote health clients they serve.

  9. 27 May 2013

    Federal Funding for Remote Health

    CRANAplus, the national organisation for remote health professionals, has received further funding for the next few years.

  10. 3 May 2013

    Christopher Cliffe Resigns from President Role

    CRANAplus is saddened by today’s news that their long term President Christopher Cliffe has stepped down from the role.

  11. 3 Aug 2012

    Ministerial Appointment

    It is with great pride that CRANAplus announces the Ministerial appointment of its President Christopher Cliffe to the Prevention and Community Health Committee (PCHC), of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC).

  12. 10 May 2012

    Minister Plibersek opens New CRANAplus Office in Queensland

    Support for improved health services for people in remote Queensland is about to get a boost with the opening of a Cairns office for CRANAplus, the national organisation for remote health professionals.

  13. 17 Dec 2011

    Leading remote health organisation targets Canberra

    CRANAplus, increasingly recognized as the leading voice of Australia’s remote and isolated workforce, is setting up a base in Canberra in its bid to put rural and remote health issues higher on national and political agendas.

  14. 21 Apr 2011

    Patients pushed aside in latest Federal Government health reform statement

    The alarm bells have rung for CRANAplus, the leading voice of Australia’s remote and isolated health workforce, following the choice of words used by acting Minister for Health, Mark Butler, in a recent press release.

  15. 2 Apr 2011

    Media Release - 2nd April 2011

    The passing of Western Australian Senator Judith Adams, is a great loss to the consumers of health services across rural and remote Australia.

  16. 28 Jan 2011

    Tasmanian Remote Nurses hampered by bureaucracy

    Nurses and midwives working in remote and rural Tasmania are prevented from doing their jobs properly by outdated laws and departmental practices.

  17. 15 Oct 2010

    The Nursing Workforce in Very Remote Australia

    The nursing workforce in very remote Australia is the mainstay of health services to some of the most disadvantaged communities in Australia.

  18. 12 Jul 2010

    Returning birthing services to the bush

    CRANAplus applauds the joint statement from the Australian College of Midwives, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

  19. 5 Jul 2010

    CRANAplus Congratulates Minister on RDA Action

    CRANAplus is thrilled that the Racial Discrimination Act in the Northern Territory will be reinstated by January 2011. CRANAplus also welcomes the news that the income management strategy will now be applied equally to all Territorians in need, regar

  20. 21 Jun 2010

    New Learning Tool for Remote Health Workers to be Launched

    A new online learning tool that helps remote health practitioners sharpen their skills without ever leaving home, will be launched by CRANAplus with the help of Hon. Warren Snowdon on 29 June in Alice Springs.

  21. 5 May 2010

    International Day of the Midwife

    CRANAplus would like to honour and recognise midwives around Australia and across the globe for their contributions and efforts during International Day of the Midwife on today May 5th.

  22. 30 Jan 2010

    Rural and Remote Families - the Ones to Suffer

    It’s the families living in rural and remote areas that will be the ones to suffer under the plans by the Commonwealth Government.

  23. 29 Jan 2010

    The Council of Remote Area Nurses of Australia Does Not Support Single Nurse Posts

    The Council of Remote Area Nurses of Australia once again raises the issue of the safety of nurses working in single posts in the most remote locations in Australia.

  24. 28 Jan 2010

    CRANAplus Welcomes the Apology to Australia’s Indigenous Peoples

    The Council of Remote Area Nurses of Australia (CRANA) applauds, and fully supports the apology to the stolen generations delivered by the Prime Minister, Mr Rudd on Wednesday 13th February 2008.

  25. 27 Jan 2010

    Who is Supporting Undergraduate Nursing and Midwifery Students to Go Bush?

    The Council of Remote Area Nurses of Australia welcomes the support shown for medical students to study remote and rural health. But why do nursing and midwifery students continue to be left out?

  26. 26 Jan 2010

    Productivity Commission Final Workforce Report

    The Council of Remote Area Nurses of Australia welcomes the productivity Commissions workforce report.

  27. 25 Aug 2009

    CRANAplus Applauds Changes to the Mandatory Reporting Laws

    ‘This was no mean feat, particularly in light of a political crisis in the NT Government and the fact that the original legislation was driven by the Department of Justice through the police’, said Carole Taylor, CRANAplus CEO.

  28. 13 May 2009

    Remote Health and the 2009 Budget

    CRANAplus congratulates the Government on its bold decision to deliver an expanded but responsible health budget in these difficult financial times.

  29. 21 Apr 2009

    Disappointed with NT Manditory Reporting Legislation

    ​CRANAplus is concerned with some changes to the mandatory reporting legislation in the Northern Territory, specifically where it forces health professionals to report actual, suspected or intended sexual activity of any person under the age of 16.

  30. 17 Nov 2008

    Dr’s Parting shots couldn’t hit the side of a barn!

    CRANA is “Gob Smacked” by the comments expressed by Dr Pat Rebgetz

  31. 17 Nov 2008

    CRANAplus Refutes Insulting “White Trash” Comments

    CRANAplus, representing remote area nurses and other health professionals working in remote and isolated parts of Australia is most offended by the term ‘white trash’, applied to health professionals working in Indigenous Communities.

  32. 29 Oct 2008

    CRANAplus Congratulates Minister Roxon for Nurse Practitioners Scholarships

    CRANAplus is delighted with the Federal Health Minister, Nicola Roxon’s announcement to invest $2.1 Million dollars to help build a Remote and Rural Nurse Practitioner workforce in Australia.