CRANAplus Remote Health Snapshot

10 Jun 2016

As expect­ed, it shows some sad facts about the health out­comes for peo­ple as a result of their geo­graph­i­cal loca­tion, along with the impacts of the social deter­mi­nants of health. 

Of inter­est is the com­par­i­son of health work­force per 100,000 peo­ple, based on the remote / urban divide, where Nurs­es and Mid­wives are the only pro­fes­sions that have greater num­bers based on the greater need! It’s a star­tling reminder that despite worse health, high­er risks and greater need, our health work­force has woe­ful mal-dis­tri­b­u­tion issues. 

Feel free to use this resource to help sup­port your advo­ca­cy for improved resourc­ing to remote health care. You can down­load and access the Remote Health Snap­shot’ below.

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