Royal Commission into the Juvenile Detention system in the NT

28 Jul 2016

CRANAplus praises the Prime Minister, Attorney General, Chief Minister of the NT and the Human Rights Commissioner for the prompt action in responding to the horrific and shocking footage shown on the ABC Four Corners program last night.

CRANAplus CEO Christopher Cliffe said, “A culture that allows people in authority to behave so badly towards people in their care sends a shiver down our collective spines. This is made all the more shocking as these people were minors, individuals who needed our protection and support, regardless of the circumstances”.

Dealing with challenging, difficult and violent behaviour is an unfortunate reality that many in the justice and health systems deal with. However, restraining in a chair and ‘hooding’ someone is a sign of a system in failure, not one in control.

“This certainly isn’t a time for finger pointing, it’s a time for a thorough investigation to understand why this occurred and was allowed to continue. As health professionals working in many of the areas where these children are from, we need to be reassured that the juvenile detention system in the NT isn’t letting our already disadvantaged communities down”, said Mr Cliffe.

CRANAplus stands ready to assist the commission in its investigation and activities and would strongly encourage that its scope is broadened. As a community of health professionals we must ensure this isn’t happening anywhere else in the country.

CRANAplus is the professional Body for the Remote and Isolated Health Workforce across Australia.

Media Contact: Christopher Cliffe (07) 4047 6400