Do you have a story to share?

8 Jul 2015

Every­one in remote has a sto­ry to tell. We’d love to hear from you or per­haps the details of some­one who’s sto­ry needs telling? 

  • approx. 500 words and a few photos
  • A video blog perhaps
  • If you choose to include peo­ple in your sub­mis­sion, you are respon­si­ble for obtain­ing the nec­es­sary releas­es from the indi­vid­u­als depict­ed, and must be able to pro­vide copies of those releas­es upon request.
    Please sup­ply pho­to cap­tions with your sub­mis­sions which should include the sub­ject of the image, the loca­tion the image was tak­en, and the name of the photographer(s).
    You will retain all rights to any pho­to­graph you sub­mit and will be acknowl­edged — includ­ing own­er­ship if applic­a­ble.
    CRANAplus shall cred­it all pho­tos”© Person’s Name” when the full name is avail­able
    Click here to down­load a copy of our Release Form

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