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Orbost Regional Health

Our Urgent Care Centre provides a specialist nurse assessment (triage) led model supported by telehealth with FACEMs via My Emergency Doctor, providing treatment for medical emergencies.

Aged and Residential Care Waratah Lodge Nursing Home (High Care) and Lochiel House Hostel (Low care) provide a home-like atmosphere with the security of assistance when required. Respite care is also available.

Orbost Medical Clinic Orbost Medical Clinic provides a range of Primary Care Services with medical services led by General Practitioners.

The General Practitioners provide outreach services to Moogji Clinic, Buchan and Cann River Communities. Other services and support provided include Practice Nurses, Women’s & Adolescent Health Nurse, Continence Nurse, Diabetes Educator, antenatal clinic with Midwives and visiting providers including drug & alcohol services, Normalised Ratio (INR) Clinic blood test, psychologist, perinatal counsellor, podiatrist and community Mental Health Services. Visiting Specialists include; Paediatrician, Rheumatologist, Renal Physician, Geriatrician and Urologists (via telehealth).

Our Community Services align with general practice, acute and aged and home based care services at ORH to deliver a range of primary health and welfare services both onsite and in community-based support settings.

A Koori Health Liaison worker provides assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in hospital and the wider community.

Early years services, including family and child health nursing and early child allied health intervention are co-located with child and parent development programs.

A comprehensive range of nursing and allied health services are offered to manage and prevent health conditions, with a focus on chronic disease management including cardiac rehabilitation and diabetes management, along with rehabilitation, lifestyle and wellbeing programs.

Welfare programs include homelessness support, financial counselling , counselling and psychology along with Family Violence Outreach support.

Oral Health - The dental clinic provides general oral health services, both public and private, school dental and denture services as well as visiting outreach dental services to the broader district. Dental surgery is also accessible using the health service’s operating theatre. These services are delivered by a mix of public and private dentists and dental therapists.

Located in the far east part of Victoria in the East Gippsland Shire, and only one hour from a major regional centre, Orbost Regional Health’s health region consists of the townships of Orbost and smaller communities scattered along the Snowy River, up into the Alpine mountains and along the Wilderness Coast to the New South Wales border.

The health region covers an area of over one million hectares and a population of approximately 8,560 people. In our community a large increase is expected in the number of people aged over 65 years.

Our Vision: A thriving community where people work, learn, play and grow together.

Our Values: Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Excellence, Community

Our Role: We support our community to thrive by: · connecting and providing safe, high quality health services · partnering with people as they make confident health choices for themselves and each other · creating a community approach to health ·providing a place where people work, learn and grow.

+61 3 5154 6666