Disaster Recovery

9 Sep 2015

The following resources are available for disaster recovery.

CRANAplus Bush Support Services Disaster Flyer.

Australia has seen a recent spate of fires, floods and cyclones. Those of us working in rural and remote areas are particularly vulnerable to the impact of such disasters. As health professionals we have to cope with not only our own emotional responses to disasters but also care physically and psychologically for those in affected communities.

This pamphlet outlines the sorts of psychological responses that may occur before, during and after a disaster. Being aware of these responses can assist in preparing you and your patients psychologically for potentially traumatic events.

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Ontrack - Flood and Storm Recovery.

OnTrack Flood and Storm Recovery aims to help people use their strengths to work through practical problems following disasters. It gives information to understand your reactions, guides you towards making a recovery plan and supports you in moving forward.

The program recognises that people will face different challenges and every person will try to cope in their own way. For many people, this program will be enough to help them get back on track. For others, they may need some more support.

Click here to visit the OnTrack website.

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