​Research Study

22 Jul 2015

Invitation for Remote Health Professionals to be interviewed

CRANAplus Bush Support Services together with the Centre for Remote Health are currently conducting a study aimed at improving the management of remote health professionals who have experienced a traumatic event through the development of best practice guidelines, education workshops, and materials. We would like to interview managers of remote health professionals about your experiences of managing staff who have experienced a traumatic event to identify factors such as support/constraints/resources that have influenced your management of the individual and the event. We also would like your feedback about what strategies you feel would improve the management of health professionals who have experienced a traumatic event.

The interviews will be conducted by a person experienced in trauma, but who is not part of the research team. All interviews will be confidential and only de-identified information will be published.

If you are willing to be interviewed for this study, could you please contact Sue Lenthall
Email: Sue.Lenthall@flinders.edu.au
Phone: 08 8951 4707