Remote Practice

Framework for Remote and Isolated Practice

CRANAplus believes it is imperative to have nationally consistent standards of practice for remote health service delivery to improve health outcomes for those living in remote areas, and has developed a framework for remote practice.

This framework is aimed at all health professionals including community based, FIFO, Mining, and all other remote & isolated settings.

This framework encompasses;

• Definition of remote
• Defining / describing remote practice
• Characteristics of remote health services
• Preparation for remote practice
• Credentialing Nurses and Midwives for remote practice

Remote and Isolated Mining Health Framework - Currently under review

The ‘Remote and Isolated Mining Health Framework’ describes the remote health workforce being located in diverse locations and health settings. The mining industry in Australia has been active in the remote sector over a long period of time.

Increasing demands and complexities have required the Mining Industry to provide a better level of health service to their employees whilst at work in remote locations.

Health Service Handover Template

The Handover Template has been developed for use by health centre staff to complete and update as necessary.

It is a resource that can be given to new, relief or visiting staff to ensure they have an adequate orientation resource before and during their stay in your community, thereby helping to ensure a safe workplace and consistent care to community members.

The Handover consists of five components;

  • Community
  • Health Centre
  • Emergency
  • Healthcare
  • Management

We’re keen to get your feed-back and hear how usable the template was and what areas could be further refined.

Please let us know by emailing:

Pathways to remote professional practice

Pathways to remote professional practice captures what is required if you are thinking about going remote, giving you tips for preparation, describing the landscape of professional practice that forms the contextual framework for remote and isolated professional practice. There are specific sections written for nurses and midwives who may be considering advancing their career and aspiring to be remote areas nurses/midwives.