CRANAplus’ commitment to research is reflected in the Organisational Business Plan where a key Strategic Action is to :“Enhance organisational capacity to support research

This can be pursued in many ways including collaborative partnerships, actively supporting external research projects of interest and facilitating access to current research impacting on knowledge and best practice.

A research sub-committee , comprising of CRANAplus fellows, external representatives and CRANAplus Professional Services staff, has been formed with the following role, reflected in the Terms of Reference :

  • Contribute to the development of a CRANAplus Research policy
  • Seek opportunities to support research in the interests of CRANAplus (BP 3.1)
  • Identify research gaps for the sector
  • Seek opportunities to engage in collaborative research projects in the interest of CRANAplus
  • Support the development of evidence based remote health practice
  • Assess requests for CRANAplus support of research projects / proposals
  • Investigate the feasibility of a remote research clearing house
  • Provide advice regarding research opportunities

If you have any queries please email us.

Remote Health Workforce Project Report: Shark Bay

This project was pilot study undertaken by CRANAplus in collaboration with Silver Chain Group based in Shark Bay in the Gascoyne Region, Western Australia.

The overall aim was to provide a comprehensive understanding of the diversity and unique characteristics of remote health, in recognition of the limited data, which reflects the primary health care activities and occasions of service provided across remote Australia. Specifically, we endeavored to capture the occasions of care delivered by Nurses in a remote setting context. Shark Bay has a Nurse Practitioner/ Remote Area Nurse service model.

The project resulted in a data collection tool and process to collect occasions of service encompassing direct and non-direct activities. Feedback reported it was ‘easy to use and forms the basis of a consistent taxonomy to be used across the sector.’

This was a small study but opportunities do exist to replicate, using the tools delivered, in other remote health care settings to assist with future service and workforce planning.

A special ‘Thank You’ to Silver Chain, for their collaboration with this Project, and would like to acknowledge two staff members Sandy Bell the Nurse Practitioner at Shark Bay, and Lesley Pearson, Regional Manager for their contribution to the study.…