Rural Research

The objective of this page is to provide an internet resource to inform practice and policy through making the research and knowledge readily accessible.

We will provide links to research conducted in the context of rural practice in the Australian setting along with other International research of relevance.

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Rural Nursing Summative Literature Review

CRANAplus commissioned the Rural Nursing Project with the aim to identify opportunities for CRANAplus to be more relevant to Nurses working in rural context of practice, including improving recruitment, retention, professional development opportunities and rural pathway for Rural Nursing.

The context of this study we acknowledge the role of the duel qualified Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife who have traditionally provided the maternity care in the rural setting.

This paper principally refers to Nursing roles unless midwifery was specifically included in the articles identified in the Literature review.

Mental Health

Mental Health in Rural and Remote Communities

Health Care Access, Mental Health, and Preventative Health; Health Priority Survey Findings for People in the Bush”