Bush Support Info Pack

A look at some of the items a CRANAplus Bush Support Services Information Pack contains

To order your free Bush Support Services information pack email bssadmin@crana.org.au, 07 4047 6400 or order online here.

Contents of the pack:

CRANAplus Mobile Phone App
he brand new CRANAplus App; download it from the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

Bush Support Services Brochure
An overview of CRANAplus Bush Support Services and the services we provide.

Disaster Management Flyer
How to deal with the stress of natural disasters

Bush Support Services Poster

CRANAplus Membership form
Become a CRANAplus member now!

Bush Support Services Self Care Booklets
Valuable resources developed by CRANAplus drawing on their extensive experience, they are free and available to any health practitioner.

Also included: Bush Support Services Fridge Magnets, Stickers, Key Rings.