Self Care Booklets

CRANAplus Bush Sup­port Ser­vices Self Care Book­lets are valu­able resources. Devel­oped by CRANAplus draw­ing on their exten­sive expe­ri­ence, they are free and avail­able to any health practitioner. 

CRANAplus Bush Sup­port Ser­vices Guide to Bush Survival

Just as the remote area health set­ting is chang­ing, cur­rent psy­cho­log­i­cal think­ing about the ways of assist­ing peo­ple to cope with stress has also evolved. There has been a shift away from a focus on neg­a­tive emo­tions such as anx­i­ety, depres­sion, stress and trau­ma to a more pos­i­tive psychology. 

The CRANAplus Bush Sup­port Ser­vices Guide to Bush Sur­vival aims to help health work­ers under­stand the stres­sors they may encounter in the rur­al and remote health set­ting and to con­sol­i­date and build resilience through a vari­ety of pos­i­tive skills and strategies.

CRANAplus Bush Sup­port Ser­vices Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

The CRANAplus Bush Sup­port Ser­vices Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle was writ­ten with the view of encour­ag­ing rur­al and remote area health work­ers to reflect on their own behav­iour and atti­tudes that impact on their over­all well-being and per­son­al health. 

This book­let embraces a holis­tic approach to self-care. It sug­gests that self-care is the cor­ner­stone of well-being and that both men­tal and phys­i­cal health is inter-relat­ed. It encour­ages health work­ers in the remote con­text to make healthy lifestyle choic­es as part of their reper­toire of deal­ing with work­place stress. It sug­gests ways of stay­ing ener­gised and moti­vat­ed through hav­ing fun, and pro­mot­ing relaxation.

The self-care strate­gies explored in this book­let include exer­cis­ing, healthy eat­ing and drug and alco­hol fac­tors in order to main­tain opti­mal phys­i­cal fit­ness and good men­tal health.