Stress Busting Initiatives

The CRANAplus Bush Support Services team is constantly using its experience, expertise and industry resources to devise new ways to help Remote Health Professionals cope with stress.

Here you will find the latest on stress-busting, up to the minute initiatives and techniques to help you cope with pressure and banish worry and anxiety.

Mindfulness Photography Competition

Mindfulness: the art of being ‘fully present.’

Calling all remote health practitioners, including Aboriginal and Allied Health Workers – whether you are still working out bush or have already returned home. Enter the CRANAplus Mindfulness Photography Competition today!

Mindful photography is about capturing ordinary moments in everyday life that encourage you the viewer to be ‘in the moment’. No special equipment is required. Mobile phone cameras are great because you carry them around and are therefore able to be employed when your eye is caught by the ‘extra-ordinary’. This competition is about fostering calmness and self awareness – noticing the light, different nuances of colour and it can also be about seeing the world differently.

Photos will be compiled in an electronic display and will be on show at the CRANAplus Conference in Cairns in September. They will be judged by an independent person and the overall winner will be awarded a prize.

Send your photos to by 20 August 2018.

Competition details

Wellbeing Competition

Taking A New Perspective

The pursuit of happiness keeps many of us engaged with work and life in general in order to strive for this elusive concept.

Recent research has found that taking a different perspective on our experiences can greatly enhance our satisfaction and imbibe more meaning in our lives. In fact the benefits of positive expression have been shown to increase wellbeing and even longevity.

Sing For Your Life

The link between emotional well-being and choir singing is well-established.

Cosy Blanket Project

Email us at today to order your knitting kit.