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This short course can assist you to devel­op a sys­tem­at­ic assess­ment approach to clients who present with abdom­i­nal symp­toms. It can be com­plet­ed as an indi­vid­ual course, or as part of our Clin­i­cal Assess­ment Suite, which fea­tures 11 oth­er short courses/​modules which each cov­er a dif­fer­ent type of presentation.

What con­tent is covered?

  • A sys­tem­at­ic assess­ment process that leads you to form a clin­i­cal impres­sion of your clien­t’s abdom­i­nal pain.
  • How to gain a full descrip­tion of the abdom­i­nal pain to help with dif­fer­en­tial diagnosis.
  • The Abdominopelvic area: 4 quad­rants and 9 regions that help you to sequence and report on your abdom­i­nal examination.
  • Red flag symp­toms: signs and indi­ca­tions for fur­ther investigation.
  • Abdom­i­nal emergencies.
  • Com­mon pain presentations.
  • Doc­u­ment­ing your assessment.
  • Com­mu­ni­cat­ing your assess­ment with others.