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Encour­ag­ing age­ing well

5 Jun 2023

Looking at healthy ageing has been a lifetime’s work for Professor Eddy Strivens, a key speaker at this year’s CRANAplus conference in Cairns in October. Here he talks about becoming an ‘accidental…

Tran­si­tion­ing to remote prac­tice: RANPP par­tic­i­pants on their career jour­neys to date

7 Apr 2023

Midway through 2022, CRANAplus accepted four nurses into its pilot Remote Area Nursing Pathway Program (RANPP). The program attracted interest from hundreds of nurses, highlighting the emerging…

A CRANAplus Mem­bers’ guide on retir­ing from remote area nursing

7 Apr 2023

Retired rural and remote area nurses Stewart, Karen, June and Tracy share their retirement journeys and discuss transitioning out of the workforce, preparing your finances and home, pursuing your…

Tak­ing nurs­ing edu­ca­tion to remote Australia

7 Apr 2023

Nurses are a mainstay of the rural and remote health workforce, so it’s vital to invest in their professional development. That’s the view of Jason Phieler, a long-term facilitator for CRANAplus…

Dan Han­son on the ben­e­fits of a remote area nurs­ing mentor

7 Apr 2023

The CRANAplus LINKS Mentoring Program for remote health professionals connects mentors and mentees from around Australia. Free for all parties, the program encourages career development and builds…

Pre­vent­ing Tuber­cu­lo­sis in the Tor­res Strait

7 Apr 2023

Papua New Guinea experiences some of the world’s highest rates of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. The Torres Strait Protected Zone permits traditional inhabitants to travel without passport…

Who can call the Bush Sup­port Line?

7 Apr 2023

The Bush Support Line is a space for all rural and remote health workers to talk. The line has been operating in various forms since 1997 and provides a non-judgemental, safe and anonymous space for…

Respond­ing to a Motor Vehi­cle Crash

7 Apr 2023

Intensive Care Paramedic and CRANAplus Remote Emergency Care course Facilitator Casey Hayes provides advice on how to respond to a motor vehicle crash while working in a remote setting. Casey’s…

Grow­ing Dead­ly Families

7 Apr 2023

Last year, Queensland Aboriginal midwives Sonita Giudice and Melina Connors travelled 44,500 kilometres in cars, planes, and ferries – equivalent to circumnavigating the globe – as part of the…

Intro­duc­ing CRANAplus Board Mem­ber, Ann Aitken

7 Apr 2023

Dr Ann Aitken PhD was appointed to the CRANAplus Board in October 2022, alongside Danielle Causer whom we introduced in CRANA Magazine edition #127. Ann is Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Facility…

Cel­e­brat­ing Excel­lence: NAAT­SI­H­WP & IAHA Award Winners

7 Apr 2023

CRANAplus was proud to sponsor multiple important industry awards in 2022, including NAATSIHWP’s Models of Care and Career Pathways Innovation Excellence Award and IAHA’s Allied Health Assistant…

Under­stand­ing effec­tive alco­hol and drug treatments

7 Apr 2023

The latest review into effective alcohol and drug-use treatment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples has the potential to encourage greater recognition of the value of First Nations…

CRANAcast taster: Episode 15 with Di Thornton

7 Apr 2023

In episode 15 of CRANAcast, CRANAplus Fellow, registered nurse, and endorsed nurse practitioner from the Murray-Mallee region in SA, Di Thornton, shares her views on taking an “outside the box”…

Stu­dent sto­ry: Holis­tic and Cul­tur­al­ly Safe prac­tice in Ntaria

7 Apr 2023

Undergraduate nursing student Karleigh Barbour reflects on her 2022 remote placement in Ntaria (Hermannsburg), NT, where her dream of becoming a RAN began to feel more like a reality.

Dif­fer­ences between urban and remote nursing

7 Apr 2023

CRANAplus Professional Officer Michelle Mason highlights some of the differences between urban and remote nursing, including location, staffing, skill set, resources and lifestyle, and provides…

Advice on apply­ing for nurs­ing and mid­wifery schol­ar­ships and grants

7 Apr 2023

CRANAplus Professional Officer Melanie Avion offers advice on applying for scholarships and grants including tips on meeting the criteria, filling out and submitting an application, and the…

CRANAplus Q&A: Shoes for new RANs

7 Apr 2023

“What shoes would you recommend new RANs to be wearing? I understand the work is very different from normal RN work, and I don’t think my runners will cut the NT wet season”. Corey, NT

A new face at CRANAplus, Lau­ra Coldwell

7 Apr 2023

In this article, we introduce you to the newest member of the CRANAplus Mental Health and Wellbeing Team, Laura Coldwell. A UK-trained mental health nurse, with experience in sexual and remote…

CRANAplus Edu­ca­tion Update: April 2023

7 Apr 2023

This year, the CRANAplus Education team has rolled out a new two-day face-to-face workshop for the Maternity Emergency Care course. Readers can also look forward to the relaunch of our Advanced…

Intro­duc­ing Aman­da Forti

7 Apr 2023

Amanda Forti RN RM joined CRANAplus as a Remote Clinical Educator in July of last year. Amanda has a Master of Philosophy in the field of Midwifery along with experience in private and public…

Intro­duc­ing our new Safe­ty & Secu­ri­ty Framework

7 Apr 2023

CRANAplus recently released a new safety and security framework outlining its three areas of commitment to the safety and security of remote health professionals. We have also published new and…

Verus Peo­ple answer your FAQs about work­ing for a nurs­ing agency

7 Apr 2023

Many nurses experience remote health practice for the first time while working for a nursing agency. CRANAplus has invited Corporate Member Verus People to answer your frequently asked questions…

Cul­tur­al­ly appro­pri­ate pal­lia­tive care on Country

7 Apr 2023

Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people express the wish to be cared for, and to die, on Country if possible. When care at home is preferred, it can be provided by clinical services to help…

2022 CRANAplus Mem­ber Sur­vey Results

1 Apr 2023

In our 2022 Member Survey, we received responses from Members with varying specialties, employment patterns, experience levels and places to call home – yet a handful of common themes emerged that…

Con­sumer con­trol in the men­tal health sector

30 Mar 2023

Giving consumers control to determine their own recovery pathway is at the core of new national mental health standards. The new standards, designed specifically for mental health services provided…

Hepati­tis C test­ing even more accessible

30 Mar 2023

South Australian Viral Hepatitis Nurses are joining a world-first HCV point-of-care testing program being rolled out nationally in Australia.

Stu­dent sto­ry: Diverse patient needs by the sea

30 Mar 2023

Nursing student Kate Janjatovic was fortunate to land a student placement in the tropical town of Carnarvon, WA, alongside her friend. Kate shares her fun living with and learning from other health…

Stu­dent sto­ry: Back to the coun­try way

30 Mar 2023

Perth nursing student Bethany Egbers completed her WA Country Placement seaside, an 8-hour journey south in the picturesque town of Esperance. There, she quickly discovered a new sense of…

Mind­ful Pho­tog­ra­phy Competition

14 Mar 2023

Capture a moment that displays and encourages mindfulness for your chance to win a $200 gift voucher. The CRANAplus Mental Health and Wellbeing Team is running a Mindful Photography Competition – no…

Melioi­do­sis – and its Wet Sea­son connection

10 Dec 2022

Dr Ella Meumann from Menzies School of Health Research discusses melioidosis, a predominantly wet season disease caused by the soil-dwelling bacterium Burkholderia pseudomallei. Ella works with…

Empow­er­ing child nutrition

10 Dec 2022

It’s not enough to tell parents to feed their children healthy food, says nutrition expert Anthea Brand. Primary health care nurses also need to look for ways to empower healthy eating – by targeting…

CRANAplus launch­es Mirii Course designed for Abo­rig­i­nal and Tor­res Strait Islander Health Prac­ti­tion­ers and Workers

10 Dec 2022

Our brand new CRANAplus Mirii Course is designed to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioners and Workers with the skills to effectively use clinical care manuals and…

Con­verse Cul­ture Shock – Unac­cus­tomed to the familiar

10 Dec 2022

When you return from a stint in a remote community, home life can suddenly seem unfamiliar, write CRANAplus Members Ms M Press and Ms R Caine. Most of us recognise culture shock as a condition…

Remote child health: a lat­er transition

10 Dec 2022

Child Health nurse and long-time CRANAplus Member Dianne Paul, now 72, describes herself as a ‘late starter to remote’ and yet despite retiring from nursing almost a year ago, still regularly finds…

Cel­e­brat­ing our 2022 Auro­ra Award Win­ner Lynette Byers

10 Dec 2022

2022 Aurora Award recipient, Lynette (Lyn) Byers, who works as a Clinical Nurse Consultant with Nganampa Health Council in the APY Lands and volunteers on various boards and committees related to…

Qual­i­ty and safe­ty super­star: Lor­raine Harry

10 Dec 2022

This year’s recipient of the Excellence in Remote and Isolated Health Practice Award is Quality & Safety Officer at Mala’la Aboriginal Health Service, Lorraine Harry. Here, she discusses…

2022 Ray Wyeth Ear­ly to Remote Prac­tice Award recip­i­ent Lor­raine Woods

10 Dec 2022

The recipient of the Ray Wyeth Early to Remote Practice Award, Lorraine Woods, transitioned to remote health in 2021, joining the new Palm Cockatoo Midwifery Group Practice in Weipa, Cape York. She…

Address­ing inequity in skin can­cer detection

9 Dec 2022

South Australian nurses will have the chance to lead skin cancer detection at numerous pop-up screening clinics across the state in 2023/2024, as part of Project Check Mate, a newly funded pilot…

Japan­ese Encephali­tis Virus’ Aus­tralian arrival

9 Dec 2022

Historically a condition of Asia and the Pacific, the mosquito-borne Japanese Encephalitis Virus (JEV) entered Australia’s consciousness in February 2021 with a fatal, locally acquired infection. In…

Your con­tra­cep­tion ques­tions answered

9 Dec 2022

The new Australian Contraception and Abortion Primary Care Practitioner Community of Practice (AusCAPPS) is designed to support your clinical practice in women’s sexual and reproductive health care,…

From EN to RN — 3 stories

9 Dec 2022

In 2022, CRANAplus administered Country Women’s Association Rural and Remote Nursing/Midwifery Professional Development grants. Three Enrolled Nurses who successfully applied relate here how the…

The case for place-based care as a remote area nurse

9 Dec 2022

Unique personal and professional rewards await those who live and work in remote communities, says RN and CRANAplus Nursing and Midwifery Roundtable member, Katie Pennington. These include…

Self-col­lec­tion HPV test­ing in remote Australia

9 Dec 2022

Testing for HPV using self-collection can increase our ability to eradicate cervical cancer by 2035, writes Carina Brown RM, Clinical Workforce Educator, SHINE SA.

Kid­ney Trans­plant Yarn­ing in Queensland

9 Dec 2022

Gary Torrens, clinical nurse consultant at Princess Alexandra Hospital, has been part of a $1 million national initiative to counteract barriers for Indigenous dialysis patients getting on the kidney…

Intro­duc­ing one of our newest Board Mem­bers, Danielle Causer

9 Dec 2022

At the CRANAplus Annual General Meeting in October, Danielle Causer was voted in as one of two of CRANAplus’ newest Board Members, along with Ann Aitken. As Executive Director (ED) of Nursing for…

Facil­i­ta­tor spot­light: Sharon Gibbens

9 Dec 2022

RN and RM Sharon Gibbens decided to facilitate courses for CRANAplus because of her passion for two-way learning and her recognition of the advanced skills required in pre-retrieval.

Stu­dent sto­ry: Learn­ing, walk­ing and liv­ing on Mparn­twe Country

9 Dec 2022

Occupational therapy student Annabelle Keynes recounts her dream placement at Purple House in Mparntwe, Alice Springs; an experience she describes as ‘immersive and affirming’. From small acts of…

Stu­dent sto­ry: Con­sol­i­dat­ing skills in ED

9 Dec 2022

Edith Cowan University undergraduate nursing student Chris Mattiaccio escaped a cold wet winter to undertake an experience of a lifetime in WA’s northwest. There he found blowholes and breathtaking…

Bush Sup­port Line team under­take Safe­Side sui­cide pre­ven­tion training

9 Dec 2022

Our Bush Support Line team, consisting of both CRANAplus senior psychologists and out-of-hours psychologists, share a wealth of clinical experience from having lived and worked across rural and…

A new way to access sup­port — CRANAcast: Sup­port­ing your Wellbeing

9 Dec 2022

Kristy Hill, Manager Education and Resources Mental Health and Wellbeing Services at CRANAplus, introduces CRANAcast: Supporting your Wellbeing – a new free podcast designed to support the mental…

2022 CRANAplus Con­fer­ence overview

9 Dec 2022

Over 200 delegates from around the country gathered in Adelaide from 4–6 October for two and a half days of highly productive networking, knowledge-sharing and inspiration.

An exhibitor’s per­spec­tive — 2022 CRANAplus Conference

9 Dec 2022

In October 2022, CareSearch returned to face-to-face conferences by attending the 39th CRANAplus Conference in Adelaide. Katrina Erny-Albrecht and Susan Gravier from CareSearch write about their…

The life and times of Cre­den­tialed Dia­betes Edu­ca­tor, Ker­ri Rothery

9 Dec 2022

Kerri Rothery was presented as a graduate at the 2022 CRANAplus Conference, for having completed a Master of Remote and Indigenous Health through Flinders University. We catch up with Kerri to…

2022 Gayle Wood­ford Schol­ar­ship recip­i­ent Emi­ly Evans

7 Dec 2022

Registered Nurse Emily Evans describes winning this year’s Gayle Woodford Memorial Scholarship as a great honour and a career game changer.

Signs of suc­cess in pal­lia­tive care

1 Dec 2022

To be able to die in a place of your choosing is a key indicator of the success of a palliative care service. In Broken Hill the percentage is 98 per cent – which is just one reason to join the…

Pan­dem­ic spot­lights emerg­ing nurs­ing work­force in the NT

1 Dec 2022

Angela Sheedy’s time at the Howard Springs quarantine facility during the pandemic has got her reflecting on the untapped skills of student and newly-qualified nurses in Australia prior to the…

CRANAplus Fel­low in Focus: Sal­ly Johnson

11 Aug 2022

Fellow in Focus, from the August 2022 edition of the CRANAplus magazine, is Sally Johnson who, at 81, claims to be ‘absolutely retired’ but she still has ideas for CRANAplus, which she was…

Mem­ber Vivi­enne Fazul­la — Nurse of the Year, NSW Far West LHD

11 Aug 2022

Longstanding CRANAplus Member and attendee at the inaugural CRANAplus Conference in Alice Springs in 1983, Vivienne (Viv) Fazulla, won the NSW Far West Local Health District Award for Nurse of the…

Intro­duc­ing the new Fed­er­al Min­is­ter for Health and Aged Care, the Hon Mark But­ler MP

11 Aug 2022

The Hon Mark Butler MP was sworn in as the Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care on 1 June 2022. CRANAplus catches up with the Minister to discuss nursing workforce sustainability, safety and…

Post-dis­as­ter men­tal health support

11 Aug 2022

Cath Walker, Senior Psychologist with the CRANAplus Bush Support Line, has this June been awarded a National Emergency Medal for her work in Mallacoota, Victoria following the devastating Black…

CRANAplus launch­es its inau­gur­al Remote Area Nurs­ing Path­way Program

11 Aug 2022

This July, CRANAplus launched its inaugural Remote Area Nursing Pathway Program. The nine-month program is supporting four CRANAplus Members to build clinical skills, resilience, and cultural safety…

Darwin’s can­cer care team wins top award

11 Aug 2022

“Winning the team section in this year’s Northern Territory Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards this May illustrates how well the Alan Walker Cancer Care Centre at Royal Darwin Hospital pulls…

Mak­ing the most of work­ing in remote communities

11 Aug 2022

Registered Nurse/Nurse Practitioner Chris Birch, from the CRANAplus Nursing & Midwifery Roundtable, shares a few tips to help health workers get the most out of working in remote communities.

2022 CRANAplus Con­fer­ence preview

8 Aug 2022

Discover the speakers, exhibition space, and social opportunities that await at the 39th Annual CRANAplus Conference in Adelaide this 4–6 October.

CRANAcast taster: Episode five with Dal­las McKeown

8 Aug 2022

In episode five of CRANAcast, Dallas McKeown, Executive Director First Peoples’ Strategies at CRANAplus and proud Aboriginal woman of the Yuwaalaraay nation, shares her journey from EN to her current…

Readi­ness for rur­al and remote health­care settings

8 Aug 2022

Being prepared is the key to working remotely, according to CRANAplus course facilitator, Registered Nurse Mark Dunn.

Stu­dent sto­ry: Tess’s out­back adventure

8 Aug 2022

At first, flooding cuts Tess Wallace off from her clinical placement in Alice Springs Hospital, but after undertaking an outback journey involving joeys, truckers, and mates from her childhood, she…

Stu­dent sto­ry: ICU nurs­ing in Alice Springs

8 Aug 2022

CDU student Madaleine Ellsmore’s placement in Alice Springs ICU allowed her to familiarise with new interventions, participate in difficult family discussions, learn from skilled mentors — and even…

CRANAplus’ evolv­ing Men­tal Health and Well­be­ing service

8 Aug 2022

Executive Director, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Pamela Edwards, discusses the value of wellbeing workshops, the need to support the families of remote health workers, and new wellbeing resources you…

Crit­i­cal Con­ver­sa­tions — Free online course

8 Aug 2022

A new, free, interactive online course called ‘Critical Conversations’ is available on the CRANAplus website. It prepares the workforce to navigate conversations with people who need support,…

Face-to-face work­shops back in full force

8 Aug 2022

CRANAplus Clinical Education Manager Leanne Laurie discusses how COVID-19 has evolved our course delivery, the enduring popularity of face-to-face courses, course updates and exciting conference…

New addi­tion — Pae­di­atric Advanced Life Sup­port 101

8 Aug 2022

CRANAplus has added Paediatric Advanced Life Support to its Paediatric Emergency Care course, preparing participants to deliver high-quality care to paediatric arrest patients.

MMM: What is it and why does it matter?

8 Aug 2022

The Modified Monash Model (MMM) is the official method for classifying locations as cities, rural, remote, or very remote, writes CRANAplus Professional Officer Michelle Mason. Do you know how your…

Gain­ing skills through grants — 3 stories

8 Aug 2022

Gaining skills, preparing to return to clinical practice, maintaining the remote skill set: these are some of the benefits made possible by Nurses Memorial Foundation of SA Grants through CRANAplus.…

Sup­port key to WA’s Tran­si­tion to Prac­tice program

8 Aug 2022

Making the transition from city and regional hospital settings to rural and remote health practice offers huge benefits to career nurses and midwives. But the experience can leave nurses, especially…

Could it be sep­sis? The first nation­al stan­dard of care for sep­sis patients

1 Aug 2022

The first national standard of care for sepsis patients has been released in Australia, aiming to improve the recognition, treatment and management of the condition which is the body’s…

Healthy mums and babies

19 Jul 2022

At our 39th Annual Conference, Co-Director of the Molly Wardaguga Research Centre and CRANAplus Fellow Sue Kildea will be discussing the state of maternity services in remote Australia and necessary…

Sur­viv­ing extreme heat

12 Jul 2022

2022 CRANAplus Conference invited speaker Dr Simon Quilty discusses how increased temperatures are impacting remote communities and what Aboriginal culture can teach non-Indigenous Australians about…

Five things you should know about RHD

4 Jul 2022

The Rheumatic Heart Disease Endgame Strategy launched at the end of 2020. Some jurisdictions are now developing and launching their own RHD Action Plans. With the goal of eliminating RHD by 2031, we…

Ready for a Men­tal Health Emergency

8 Jun 2022

By gaining skills in assessment, intervention, and referral, remote area nurses and health practitioners can drive positive outcomes when clients present with mental illness or severe distress, and…

Remem­ber­ing Ray Wyeth

7 Apr 2022

On October 11 2021, Nurse and Midwife Raymond Clifford Wyeth tragically lost his life while working in an ambulance in Stanwell, Central Queensland, along with the patient he was caring for. Ray’s…

Singing from the same song book

4 Apr 2022

A stalwart in the remote nursing policy space, Heather Keighley joined CRANAplus as Senior Policy Adviser in December 2021. She discusses policy issues affecting remote area nursing, collaborating…

COVID-19 Safe­ty on CRANAplus Courses

4 Apr 2022

Deputy CEO and Executive Director of Education, Amelia Druhan, outlines CRANAplus’ COVIDsafe protocols for course delivery. Designed to keep the workforce and vulnerable communities safe, these…

2021 Mem­ber­ship Sur­vey results: lis­ten­ing to your voice

4 Apr 2022

The results of the 2021 CRANAplus Membership Survey are in. Find out why your colleagues stay remote, how COVID-19 has affected the workforce, and the advocacy priorities identified by our…

From ED to PHC: Leonie’s Leap of Faith

4 Apr 2022

Leonie Higgs made a ‘leap of faith’ into remote health in late 2021 when she took a primary health care position in Cape York. We caught up with her in January to discuss her new sense of purpose,…

Improving safety in remote clinics: a Q&A with Laura Wright

4 Apr 2022

RN and research student Laura Wright discusses the findings of The Remote Area Safety Project, her mixed methods study involving a literature review, survey, interviews, and policy analysis. What are…

Cel­e­brat­ing the life of NP Cathy Woods

4 Apr 2022

Michelle Dowden recalls her wonderful Galiwin’ku Island colleague, Cathy Woods, who passed away in 2021 but who lives on in treasured memories of distributing ice-cream on Boxing Day and 3am debriefs…

Stu­dent Sto­ry: Immer­sion in Emergency

4 Apr 2022

Lucas Revell from Edith Cowan Uni reflects on his month in Esperance, spent consolidating his emergency nursing skills by facing new presentations – including septic shock and mastocytosis – and…

Stu­dent Sto­ry: Build­ing clin­i­cal rea­son­ing in a less crit­i­cal environment

4 Apr 2022

Days spent gaining skills in venepuncture, arrhythmias, and wound care. Nights spent enjoying the Territory’s best chicken wings and cooling down in the local swimming pool with friends. Charles…

Fel­low in Focus: Kathryn Zeitz

4 Apr 2022

Kathryn Zeitz, an avid sponsor of the CRANAplus scholarship program to fund remote placements for health students, has fond memories of discovering the existence of our organisation back in 1998.

Moral injury and the COVID-19 pandemic

4 Apr 2022

Have the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic forced you to do things at work that go against your moral principles? You may be experiencing moral injury and its symptoms of guilt, anger, and…

MEC course updates incoming

4 Apr 2022

A recent survey of Maternity Emergency Care (MEC) course participants is guiding updates to CRANAplus’ MEC Program. Using the feedback you provided, the Education Team are now busy updating the…

End of an Era: Farewell to Long-time Facil­i­ta­tor, Rose­mary Moyle

4 Apr 2022

A facilitator on the CRANAplus REC Course since the very beginning, Rosemary Moyle continued to bring her wide-ranging experience to CRANAplus courses until 2021. As she hangs up the boots, Rosemary…

Let’s CHAT about Dementia

4 Apr 2022

The Let’s CHAT Dementia research project is set to drive research-informed best practice dementia care for Indigenous Australians living in rural and remote areas. Dallas McKeown, who is a member of…

SMS 4 Dads heads to rur­al and remote Australia

4 Apr 2022

The call is out to all rural and remote health workers to spread the word to new dads and dads-to-be about a free text-based service designed especially for them.

Being an AHP dur­ing the pandemic

4 Apr 2022

Geoffrey Ganambarr from the Marthakal Homelands Health Service has been an Aboriginal Health Practitioner for 11 years. His challenging role involves being the first point of contact and providing…

How is stroke retrieval changing?

4 Apr 2022

“For the first time in Australia’s history, the Stroke Alliance aims to close the health care gap in providing stroke care across our vast continent,” says Skye Coote (NP, CCRN, MN, NVRN-BC,…

Fetal Alco­hol Spec­trum Dis­or­der Myth Bust­ing with NOFASD Australia

4 Apr 2022

CRANAplus catches up with Robyn Smith, the Helpline Manager for the National Organisation for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (NOFASD), to tackle four common Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder myths.

New resources to improve Qual­i­ty Use of Medicines

4 Apr 2022

NPS MedicineWise has just released three new resources to make it easier to follow a quality use of medicines (QUM) approach and reduce pressure on nurses moving between communities.

Stu­dent sto­ry: earn­ing independence

3 Apr 2022

University of Notre Dame nursing student Jennifer Kuppens discusses how her placement in Kununurra District Hospital improved her time-management skills, confidence and ability to prioritise…

Stu­dent sto­ry: my intrastate odyssey

3 Apr 2022

University of Wollongong Nutrition and Dietetics student Gynette Reyneke recalls her placement in Broken Hill. A warm welcome, heritage and culture, and rewarding project work awaited her in the far…

Equal oppor­tu­ni­ties need­ed for all health students

24 Mar 2022

Two thirds of nursing students never had the opportunity to complete a rural or remote placement, recent National Rural Health Student Network (NRHSN) research has shown. NRHSN Chair Jean-Baptiste…

Kel­lie Kerin: Upfront about Trau­ma, Turnover & Cul­ture Shock

17 Mar 2022

Short-lived attention to workplace safety for nurses and midwives in remote settings is nothing new. If RN Kellie Kerin, the NT Indigenous representative on the CRANAplus Nursing and Midwifery…

Meet 2022 OAM, Vic­ki O’Don­nell from Kim­ber­ley Abo­rig­i­nal Med­ical Services

7 Mar 2022

Vicki O’Donnell, a Nyikina Mangala woman from Derby in Western Australia, is the third person in her family to receive the OAM for community work. Here she talks about the influence of her family and…

Improve your triage com­pe­ten­cy, online

15 Feb 2022

CRANAplus recently launched Triage Emergency Care Online, a scheduled online course that makes triage competency attainable to remote health professionals who are affected by COVID-19 restrictions or…

New tool to fight infec­tion in the tropics

3 Dec 2021

Tropical areas across the top of Australia have a very high rate of potentially dangerous skin and other infections – and a very low level of information to support clinicians in treating these…

Neu­ro­pro­tec­tive devel­op­men­tal care

3 Dec 2021

Dr Pamela Douglas, the Medical Director of Possums & Co., discusses the Neuroprotective Developmental Care Accreditation Pathway, for which the charity is offering 300 scholarships. She also…

Why we stay and why we leave

3 Dec 2021

As part of her Flinders University Master’s of Remote and Indigenous Health, RN Jacki Argent interviewed seven experienced RANs for her study ‘Why we stay or leave and what we value: a qualitative…

A trop­i­cal tran­si­tion to remote

3 Dec 2021

We catch up with Madison Clark, RN with the Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service, to find out what it’s like to work near ‘the most beautiful beaches’, witness the impacts of health promotion…

Wound care train­ing in remote NT

3 Dec 2021

The Australasian Foundation for Plastic Surgery has conducted 20 wound care workshops and counting in the Top End, paving the way for faster-healing wounds, fewer infections, and locally provided…

Round­table Round-up: Nurse Prac­ti­tion­er Can­di­date Emma Collins

3 Dec 2021

The CRANAplus Nursing and Midwifery Roundtable discusses and reports on key issues affecting rural/remote health. Roundtable Member, Nurse Practitioner Candidate and Nurse Manager Emma Collins from…

Meet 2021 Col­lab­o­ra­tive Team Award Win­ners, the Mid­wifery Unit of the Coomeal­la Health Abo­rig­i­nal Corporation

3 Dec 2021

In the Far West region of New South Wales, Coomealla Health Aboriginal Corporation have been doing things differently. Midwife Debbie Towns discusses their innovative transition to a digital…

Meet 2021 Excel­lence in Research and/​or Edu­ca­tion Award Win­ner, Dr Kylie McCullough

3 Dec 2021

Hear from Dr Kylie McCullough, lecturer at Edith Cowan University in Perth, on her early experiences in Kakadu, how they shaped her research interests, and how research into remote area nursing is…

Meet 2021 Excel­lence in Remote and Iso­lat­ed Health Prac­tice Award Win­ner, Helen Parker

3 Dec 2021

Child Health Nurse with Mala'la Health Service, Helen Parker, has worked in Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and widely through the Top End. She reflects on becoming a nurse practitioner, a RAN's wide scope of…

Meet 2021 Auro­ra Award Win­ner, Ter­rie Tess’ Ivanhoe

2 Dec 2021

Tess Ivanhoe, Nurse Practitioner on the Chronic Disease Program at Nganampa Health Council, discusses how localised care can change health outcomes, the importance of understanding the community you…