Position Statements

As the voice for remote health in Australia, at CRANAplus we regularly contribute our stance on health policy and issues, to increase the awareness of the remote perspective, give rise to change and advocate for best practice.

Position statements are an evolving process and reflective of current, as well as past and ongoing issues. They are generated by CRANAplus to provide our approved and ongoing view on issues that are broad and industry wide.

The following position statements have all arisen from specific issues at a particular time. We endeavour to ensure they remain relevant through evaluation and develop new ones responsive to needs.

  1. Cultural Respect and Cultural Safety

    6 Sep 2017

    This paper acknowledges that racism is a social determinant for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and advocates for health professionals, to have a shared understanding of cultural respect, and provide culturally safe health care specific to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ needs. All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a right to access quality health care and will do so when they feel respected and culturally safe.

  2. Single Nurse (Clinician) Posts

    11 Nov 2016

    To View the full CRANAplus position on Single Nurse Posts, please follow the link above.

  3. Remote workforce Gender Identity and Sexual Diversity Inclusion

    9 Sep 2016

    CRANAplus embraces diversity and strongly advocates for equality of all remote health professionals in the workplace, with the promotion of ‘zero tolerance’ and social inclusion being intrinsic to the workplace culture. CRANAplus believes that this will only be evident, by the behaviours health professionals demonstrate such as, positive engagement and respect for the needs of LGBTI health professionals.

  4. Birthing on Country

    6 May 2016

    The development of this collaborative position paper between CATSINaM, ACM and CRANAplus has undergone extensive consultation and has built on work undertaken through a priority focus from the 2014 CATSINaM Annual Conference.

  5. Palliative Care

    20 Mar 2016

    Palliative Care is an approach to care that improves the quality of life of people facing life-threatening or life-limiting illness, regardless of location or care setting.

  6. Students and New Graduates

    20 Mar 2016

    CRANAplus, the peak professional body for remote and isolated health, is committed to actively engaging, supporting and being responsive to individual students and new graduates’ needs in the interest of promoting remote health as a career choice, thus ensuring a future remote workforce.

  7. Older Persons

    20 Mar 2016

    Healthy ageing is integral to maintaining quality of life for older persons, and this is no less important for those living in remote and isolated areas across Australia.