Our Strategic Direction

CRANAplus Purpose*:

Promote the development and delivery of safe, high quality healthcare to remote areas of Australia and her external territories, by:

  • Improving the professional status and accountability of the workforce,
  • Promoting culturally safe practice,
  • Contributing to the development of remote health standards,
  • Providing a forum for debate,
  • Providing support for the workforce and their families,
  • Providing the professional workforces perspective on issues,
  • Collaborating to improve health outcomes,
  • Brokering and providing education programs,
  • Pursuing community development,
  • Disseminating information about remote health,
  • Developing guidelines and influencing policy,
  • The development of the current and future remote health workforce; and
  • Contributing to overcoming health inequalities

* Extracted from CRANAplus constitution

CRANAplus Values:

  • Integrity
  • Social Justice
  • Respect
  • Inclusiveness
  • Excellence in all we do

CRANAplus Vision:

To be the leading experts in remote and isolated health.

CRANAplus Method:

By representing, supporting and educating the remote health workforce.

CRANAplus’ four Strategic Priorities:

  1. To continuously strengthen our ability to realize our purpose and our vision,
  2. To bolster our impact, influence and partnerships,
  3. To contribute to reducing health disparity; and
  4. To build the remote health workforce sense of value.