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The major­i­ty of the night patrol work­force are local Abo­rig­i­nal men and women who retain con­nec­tion with coun­try, fam­i­ly, lan­guage, lore and cus­tom, allow­ing them to main­tain respect and cul­tur­al author­i­ty with­in their own communities. 

They are often first-respon­ders to acci­dents, injuries, fights and deaths with­in the com­mu­ni­ty, defuse volatile sit­u­a­tions and man­age many of their own fam­i­ly and com­mu­ni­ty dis­putes with­out police intervention.

The Work­ing Safe­ly in Com­mu­ni­ty Night Patrol eLearn­ing pro­gram aims to pro­vide Com­mu­ni­ty Night Patrollers with infor­ma­tion on how to work safe­ly and man­age risks and con­cerns. This course hopes to make patrollers feel more con­fi­dent to keep them­selves, their team and their com­mu­ni­ty safe.

Project His­to­ry

In 2017, CRANAplus was con­tract­ed by the Depart­ment of the Prime Min­is­ter and Cab­i­net to devel­op a com­mu­ni­ca­tions strat­e­gy and safe­ty pack­age to increase the safe­ty of the Com­mu­ni­ty Night Patrol (CNP) Workforce.

This includ­ed under­tak­ing con­sul­ta­tions and cap­tur­ing the safe­ty con­cerns of the work­force from 81 Night Patrols oper­at­ing with­in the North­ern Ter­ri­to­ry and six com­mu­ni­ties in the South Aus­tralian Anan­gu Pit­jan­t­jat­jara Yankun­yt­jat­jara (APY) lands.

Community Night Patrol Resources