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Tasmanian Health Service DHHS

The Department manages and delivers integrated services that maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of Tasmanians.

Tas­man­ian health ser­vices are deliv­ered across a net­work of facil­i­ties, com­mu­ni­ty ser­vices and home-based care including:

  • four acute hospitals
  • 18 rur­al health facilities
  • four rur­al nurs­ing centres
  • ambu­lance sta­tions and first respon­der units
  • com­mu­ni­ty health centres
  • 134 tele­health facilities
  • cen­tres for frail and aged, youth health, parenting
  • men­tal health facilities
  • alco­hol and drug facilities
  • den­tal (oral) health facilities

Our remote ser­vices sup­port the pop­u­la­tions on the rugged west coast and Bass Strait islands, and rur­al ser­vices link small­er com­mu­ni­ties around the state.