CRANAplus is an organisation whose membership is made up of a range of health professionals who work in remote practice, support those working in remote practice as educators, academics, managers & policy development or have an interest in remote practice either as a future place of work or as a professional interest. Remote health professionals work in a variety of settings that include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, outback towns, on and off-shore oil rigs, railway and mining communities, pastoral properties, islands, tourist resorts - and are an integral part of the delivery of health care to remote Australia.

Remote Area Nurses (RANs) and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers make up around 85% of the health work force in remote areas, with the remaining made up of other health disciplines including Doctors and Allied Health Professionals. Remote Area Midwives are an equally critical component of the remote workforce, either working in a combined role of Registered Nurse & Midwife or in specific midwifery roles. Nurse Practitioners are an emerging group in remote practice. It is difficult to pinpoint the percentage of Nurse Practitioners or those working in sole midwifery roles. Around 80% of Remote Health Professionals work in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Remote areas present particular challenges to the delivery of quality services - dispersed population, poor health status, diverse cultures, geographic isolation, problematic transport, poor infrastructure, small economic base, limited political clout, harsh extremes of climate and a high turnover of health professionals in all disciplines. Remote Health Professionals are typically hard working, flexible, adaptable, resourceful and passionate about their work.

CRANAplus, as leaders in remote health, provide many levels of support and specialised resources to help Remote Health Professionals overcome the challenges and reap the considerable rewards, of this unique and specialised field of healthcare.

When we refer to Remote Health Professionals it is important to realise that the term may not always refer to geographical location but is also inclusive of Health Professionals who may work in isolation – how you practise not just where you practise.