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Toll free 24hr Tele­phone Coun­selling every day of the year for ALL remote health work­ers, ser­vice providers and their families

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The chal­lenges that face Remote Health Work­ers in their day to day lives (both at work and just by liv­ing remote­ly) are dif­fer­ent than those liv­ing with the sup­port found in larg­er region­al and urban areas. CRANAplus’ Bush Sup­port Ser­vices recog­nis­es this and offers unique and help­ful resources that draw on its vast net­work and spe­cialised knowl­edge. CRANAplus sees Bush Sup­port Ser­vices as vital in retain­ing a healthy and resilient work­force in the remote sec­tor and makes health work­er sup­port a priority.

Through Bush Sup­port Ser­vices, CRANAplus is able to pro­vide 24/7 per­son­alised care for remote health work­ers and their families. 

You don’t have to be a Mem­ber to utilise this service. 

Our qual­i­fied psy­chol­o­gists are expe­ri­enced in the remote sec­tor and know first-hand, the best resources for those with unique sup­port needs. We have an under­stand­ing that the par­tic­u­lar men­tal health of both Indige­nous and non-Indige­nous remote health work­ers is a result of the unique nature of remote work. Our 11 high­ly skilled team includes an Aborig­i­nal psy­chol­o­gists avail­able for coun­selling and consultation.

It’s free and it’s con­fi­den­tial. You can also remain anony­mous at all times, if you wish.

Calls from mobile phones to the Bush Sup­port Ser­vices 1800 805 391 Toll Free Num­ber can be returned at the caller’s request.

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Spe­cialised Services

In addi­tion to the coun­selling, we also pro­vide the fol­low­ing ser­vices and resources: 

Online Coun­selling

In addi­tion to the tele­phone, Online Coun­selling ser­vices are also available.

Con­tact scp@​crana.​org.​au anony­mous­ly if you wish and make a time to chat.
You can speak with the same psy­chol­o­gist each time on request. Remain anony­mous, that’s fine, just take that first step.

All con­tact details are kept in the strictest confidentiality.

Already received counselling?

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