LINKS Mentoring Program

LINKS Mentoring Program: Rural and Remote Health Professionals

CRANAplus LINKS Mentoring program offers rural and remote health professionals, an opportunity of mutually rich learning, and development - beneficial for both the mentee and mentors.

LINKS program is voluntary for individuals to register as either a mentee and mentor. LINKS is a structured program with an on-line module and mentoring contract agreement. In addition, it is flexible and accommodates individuals’ specific learning needs in a supportive and nurturing manner.

Together with Bush Support Services and the program coordinator, we provide support to develop the mentoring relationship through regular contact including use of telephone, emails, and Skype.

The LINKS program is aimed at:

  • Students from all health disciplines
  • Recently qualified health professionals
  • Health professionals who are new to rural and remote workforce
  • Experienced health professionals who wish to mentor

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Why go it alone?


LINKS: The essence of mentoring

Over the past couple of decades, National and State Governments’ strategic planning of Australia’s future health workforce recognises mentoring as a crucial key strategy for recruitment and retention. Whilst acknowledgement for mentoring and the contribution it makes to the overall experiences and retention of all involved, mentoring programs in health are few and far between, or virtually non-existent, both nationally or at state level.