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eRemote Online Education


  • I am very impressed with the courses. As a "mature-aged" RN and second year out....these courses have offered me an opportunity to review areas I felt were not fully covered in my degree, to upskill and for ongoing education. My nemesis is ECG's and cardiac related events...CRANAplus has given me the chance to really get to grips with this...and have the material at my fingertips for future reference. So hearty thanks to all at CRANAplus

    John - Denmark WA

Our e-learning program

Complementing the CRANAplus Education courses (REC, MEC, AREC, MIDUS, ATSI REC and MEC) CRANAplus’ eRemote Program is a dynamic and innovative educational resource. The online modules are designed to further overcome the challenges of remote location and isolation facing Remote Practitioners and their lack of access to education. With links to current remote best practice, eRemote allows health professionals to complete their core mandatory and clinical training in their own time frame. This program offers locational flexibility and negating the need for travel time, makes the eRemote e-learning platform an efficient and cost effective option.

The Online Program Coordinator offers educational support to the student via phone, email and/or Skype.

eRemote is endorsed by the Australian College of Nursing and attracts CNE points.

Benefits of the CRANAplus eRemote Online Programs:

  • Provides other external educational links and guideline access - a one stop shop for clinical currency

  • Online clinical educator to support the Health Practitioner

  • Continuing Nurse Education (CNE) points awarded to most modules

Online programs deliver cost reductions for training delivery of greater than 60% when compared to instructor led courses – including a reduction in travel cost i.e. accommodation, meals, flights etc

  • Online education reduces training time by an average of 75%

  • Non-threatening environment

Staff become internet savvy - conquering fear of working online

  • Breaking down the barriers to education and the tyranny of distance

Who is eRemote for?

The eRemote e-learning program is available to all health practitioners who work in remote, rural or isolated practice or who are intending to do so.

Participants register in a similar way to any course and are given a username and password that allows them access to the necessary materials.

Upon successful completion of the program and evaluation, participants are able to download and print a certificate of completion.

Modules and program costs

There are number of eRemote e-learning Programs: Core Mandatory (12 modules), Advanced Life Support (ALS) (9 modules), ALS Recertification Module, Physical Assessment Program (7 modules),  Health Worker (ATSI) First Aid (4 modules) and Clinical Upskilling in the Bush (12 modules) that can be purchased and completed as a suite (cost between $99-$199) or individual modules ($19 - $69 each - Modules requiring an Assessment include a built in fee).

CRANAplus Members save 10% on the cost of all e-Remote Programs, so if you’re not already a CRANAplus Member, apply now and save on the cost of your eRemote education.

To Register for the any of the eRemote modules/program click here

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