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About this course
  • Are you pro­fi­cient in resus­ci­ta­tion skills?
  • Do you have knowl­edge of cur­rent resus­ci­ta­tion guide­lines and research?
  • Do you have the clin­i­cal skills to man­age an adult car­diac arrest?
  • Are you expect­ed to be a com­pe­tent Advanced Life Sup­port (ALS) provider?

The CRANAplus Advanced Life Sup­port (ALS) one day course is based on ANZ­COR Guide­lines and best prac­tice prin­ci­ples. The course pro­vides remote health clinicians/​workforce with the skills required that con­tribute to a suc­cess­ful out­come after a car­diac arrest. Clin­i­cians will learn the impor­tance of ear­ly rhythm recog­ni­tion, CPR, defib­ril­la­tion and post-resus­ci­ta­tion care in the con­text of a remote and iso­lat­ed setting.

CRANAplus encour­ages health care clin­i­cians to apply ALS knowl­edge and skills acquired with­in the con­text of the poli­cies of their employ­ing health service.

Who is this course for?

The ALS one day course is designed to facil­i­tate a per­son­alised learn­ing expe­ri­ence for the remote and iso­lat­ed clin­i­cian (Nurs­es, Mid­wives, Para­medics, and Med­ical Offi­cers) who may be required to pro­vide ALS. This ALS course is con­tex­tu­alised for the remote and iso­lat­ed set­ting with lim­it­ed resources. The one day face to face work­shop enables clin­i­cians to prac­tice and devel­op their clin­i­cal skills in a sim­u­lat­ed envi­ron­ment under the guid­ance of high­ly expe­ri­enced ALS instructors.

CRANAplus rec­om­mends that ALS be com­plet­ed every two years and sug­gest that BLS be com­plet­ed pri­or to under­tak­ing the ALS course.

If you have any queries about the course or its rel­e­vance to your prac­tice, sub­mit an enquiry here.

Course deliv­ery

The CRANAplus Advanced Life Sup­port one day course con­sists of the following:

  • Online pre-course learn­ing and assess­ments that must be com­plet­ed one week before the course:
    Advanced Life Sup­port online the­o­ry mod­ules and assess­ment — approx. 8 hours of study
  • Atten­dance at a one day work­shop con­sist­ing of lec­tures, skill sta­tions and prac­ti­cal based scenarios
  • An indi­vid­ual sce­nario based assessment
On suc­cess­ful com­ple­tion of this course, clin­i­cians will be able to…
  • Under­stand the impor­tant of ear­ly recog­ni­tion of a dete­ri­o­rat­ing patient using the ABCDE approach.
  • Deliv­er stan­dard­ised adult CPR fol­low­ing the ALS algorithm.
  • Man­age a car­diac arrest spe­cif­ic to rur­al and iso­lat­ed environments.
  • Con­sid­er the rel­e­vant caus­es of a car­diopul­monary arrest in adults and treat reversible causes.
  • Main­tain high qual­i­ty CPR with min­i­mal interruptions.
  • Prompt­ly recog­nise and treat shock­able and non-shock­able rhythms.
  • Under­stand the post resus­ci­ta­tion care required.
  • Demon­strate accu­rate doc­u­men­ta­tion and com­mu­ni­cate a clear con­cise han­dover of find­ings and inter­ven­tions using the ISBAR approach
  • Under­stand the legal and eth­i­cal con­sid­er­a­tions around ALS
On suc­cess­ful com­ple­tion par­tic­i­pants will be awarded…
  • A CRANAplus Advanced Life Sup­port cer­tifi­cate (Valid for 2 years)
COVID-19 Vac­ci­na­tion Requirements

All par­tic­i­pants attend­ing a face-to-face work­shop will be required to show evi­dence of their COVID-19 vac­ci­na­tion sta­tus upon entry to the course venue. A min­i­mum of two vac­cine dos­es is required. How­ev­er, where juris­dic­tions imple­ment pub­lic health orders for three dos­es this will be applied.