We are cur­rent­ly redesign­ing and rede­vel­op­ing our Advanced Remote Emer­gency Care (AREC) course.

The over­ar­ch­ing goals of this work include:

  • To align the new AREC with our Remote Emer­gency Care course (REC) course (in mod­u­lar form, with sub­stan­tial prac­tice pri­or to the face-to-face workshop).
  • To ensure that the con­tent in the AREC course is sub­stan­tial­ly dif­fer­ent (more advanced) than the con­tent in the REC course.
  • To pro­vide dynam­ic sim­u­la­tions that assist par­tic­i­pants to devel­op: clin­i­cal rea­son­ing; ear­ly recog­ni­tion of clin­i­cal dete­ri­o­ra­tion; con­fi­dent input into team deci­sion-mak­ing; and effec­tive handover.