1. Professional 19 Dec 2017

    Fundamentals for Rural Nursing Practice Workshop

    CRANAplus has listened to Rural nurses who have told us that they prefer locally delivered face-to-face professional development workshops, which recognise the context in which rural nurses practice.

  2. Professional 5 Jul 2017

    Safety & Security in Remote Healthcare

    Remote Area Workforce Safety and Security Project included a national consultation, development of national safety guidelines, and the production and distribution of useful resources that include a risk assessment tool and training materials.

  3. Professional 19 May 2017

    Our Strategic Direction

    The CRANAplus Vision: To be the leading experts in remote and isolated health. This illustration shows how.

  4. Professional 19 Apr 2017

    Remote Management Program

    CRANAplus understands the challenges remote managers experience on a daily basis dealing with staff at a distance, leading change, being responsible for the delivery of safe, quality care. Whilst there is a gamut of leadership and management programs, there are none that address the contextualisation of remoteness and associated challenges managers experience in remote health services.

  5. Professional 24 Jan 2017

    Remote Health Workforce Safety - Its time for change

    CRANAplus, the peak professional body for Australia’s remote & isolated health workforce, today released their report into Workforce Safety and Security. The report is the first stage of a larger project, funded by the Commonwealth Government. The project was initiated following the death of Ms Gayle Woodford, a Remote Area Nurse, in remote South Australia in April 2016.

  6. Professional 20 Jan 2017

    Remote Area Nurse certification

    Want to work remote this year? A new certification process will support new-to-remote nurses and midwives heading off the beaten track. A pioneering initiative aims to set a new benchmark for nurses and midwives aspiring to remote and isolated practice in Australia. CRANAplus, the peak professional body for the remote health workforce, is developing a certification process designed to set a minimum standard for nurses and midwives interested in pursuing a career working remote.

  7. Professional 12 Dec 2016

    Health Times article - Rural Nursing Survey

    More than 700 rural nurses from across Australia have voiced their professional needs and concerns in a CRANAplus survey.

  8. Professional 25 Nov 2016

    Providing Aeromedical Care to Indigenous Communities

    The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) has today released its newest research paper entitled "Providing Aeromedical Care to Indigenous Communities.”  

  9. Professional 20 Oct 2016

    2015-16 CRANAplus Annual Report

    The CRANAplus 2015-2016 Annual Report is now available

  10. Professional 28 Jul 2016

    Royal Commission into the Juvenile Detention system in the NT

    CRANAplus fully supports a Royal Commission into the Juvenile Detention system in the Northern Territory.

  11. Professional 10 Jun 2016

    CRANAplus Remote Health Snapshot

    CRANAplus, with the kind help of the National Rural Health Alliance (NRHA), has produced a ‘snapshot’ of some of the key data around Remote Health, when compared to our urban neighbours.

  12. Professional 18 Dec 2015

    Minister - Media Release - Support for aged care in rural and remote communities

    The Commonwealth today announced funding of $5.79 million to increase aged care places in rural and remote communities across Australia, as part of an integrated health and ageing initiative.

  13. Professional 8 Dec 2015

    The little book of rural health numbers

    A working document compiled by the National Rural Health Alliance, this is the first version of this resource detailing health related statistics in rural, regional and remote Australia.

  14. Professional 17 Oct 2015

    Some lessons from developing a Reconciliation Action Plan

    Health services and organisations can learn a great deal from developing and implementing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

  15. Professional, Support 9 Jul 2015

    Racism. It Stops With Me.

    ​CRANAplus is proud to have joined forces with some of Australia’s leading businesses, sporting bodies and NGO’s to support the “Racism. It stops with me” campaign.