Stories & Testimonials

  1. 4 Jul 2017

    Having a Whale of a Time in the Great South West:

    CEO of Heywood Rural Health, Jackie Kelly swaps big city living for life on the beach.

  2. 4 Jul 2017

    In love with Alice

    After completing a student placement in Central Australia, Registered Nurse Melissa Godden has returned to the Northern Territory to undertake a Graduate Nurse Program at Alice Springs Hospital. She discusses the experience of going to Alice Springs for the first time and now returning to work in the town she fell in love with.

  3. 4 Jul 2017

    Prepared for the challenges

    A nursing background in trauma management, and working for 16 years in a remote hospital in his home land, Zimbabwe, prepared Freedom Zulu well for the challenges of working in Pormpuraaw Primary Healthcare Centre on the western side of Cape York Peninsula.

  4. 4 Jul 2017

    Play together, stay together

    Mutton birding, Reiki healing and golf: these are just three of the varied activities on truwana/Cape Barren Island that are helping the locals follow their motto of “the community that plays together, stays together”.

  5. 4 Jul 2017

    First taste of Remote Nursing: From ICU to Ali Curung

    Self-exposed ‘quintessential city slicker’ Charlotte Sumskas, a Critical Care Registered Nurse, recently went bush for a remote clinical placement. These are her thoughts, penned in the midst of her jam-packed experience.

  6. 4 Jul 2017

    Maningrida to Manhattan

    Registered Nurse Sue Ellen Kovack left her nomadic lifestyle as a remote area nurse in Australia for the Big Apple in November 2016. As she says, she went “from one extreme (in so many ways), to another.” Here’s her story.

  7. 28 Jun 2017

    Barefoot Initiative - Lexi Keneally

    We first met Lexi Keneally and family back in the March/Autumn 2013 Magazine. Here she catches us up on the amazing work being done by the Barefoot Initiative on the International stage.

  8. 9 Dec 2016

    Trent Ramsay - A Paramedic Intern in the Northern Territory – A Personal Experience

    ‘Do you want a job as a paramedic in Darwin?’... ‘Yes please! Where do I sign?’ A few weeks after travelling to Darwin for an intensive 2-day interview process, Trent Ramsay received the above call from the St John Ambulance Australia Northern Territory (SJAANT) recruitment officer.

  9. 9 Dec 2016

    Lilly Sideris: Step out of your comfort zone

    Step out of your comfort zone Being a student is the perfect time for stepping out of your comfort zone and taking new opportunities, says 3rd year nursing student Lilly Sideris.

  10. 9 Dec 2016

    Student Katarina Samotna - Multiple positive experiences

    Indigenous health has always been a passion for Katarina Samotna, a 3rd Year Bachelor of Nursing student at Charles Darwin University. And her recent placement in the remote Indigenous communities of Haasts Bluff and Titjikala in the Northern Territory and at Alice Springs Hospital (ASH) has cemented her commitment.

  11. 21 Jul 2016

    Gawaine Glasby meets the Dalai Lama

    Gwaine will forever remember his encounter this year with the Dalai Lama in a tin shed near Uluru, with camp dogs roaming freely around the legs of everyone present.

  12. 21 Jul 2016

    Anyone for an e-Cuppa?

    Marcia, Katrina and Leanne shared an ‘e-cuppa’ on Skype celebrating 12 months with the CRANAplus LINKS mentoring program.

  13. 21 Jul 2016

    Jessica Zachar - Dental Student on Wheels

    Traveling in the purpose-built dental van to provide services in aged care facilities in the Port Macquarie region was a highlight for Jessica Zachar, a Final Year Dentistry Student at Charles Sturt University, during her rural placement.

  14. 21 Jul 2016

    Greg Clark

    A Midwife is Born - Registered Nurse Greg Clark shares his story of deciding to become a Midwife.

  15. 21 Jul 2016

    Cake to Cape

    Four medical students from Dundee Scotland recently completed a fortnight’s placement in the remote Aboriginal community of Napranum on Cape York peninsula, 800kms north of Cairns.

  16. 24 Apr 2016

    Connie Hierl

    Connie Hierl, a 3rd year Bachelor of Nursing student at Griffith University in Southport, has discovered firsthand how nurses working in remote areas need to be flexible in an ever-changing environment.

  17. 24 Apr 2016

    Rory McGrath-Swan

    3rd Year Bachelor of Nursing Student at Uni SA, Rory McGrath-Swan shares his story of 'a great opportunity'. A stint at One Arm Point, about 200 kilometres north of Broome on the Dampier Peninsula, has reinforced his aspiration to one day ‘go remote’.

  18. 4 Dec 2015

    Dianne Few

    Dianne Few shares insights into the diverse roles and locations that working as a remote area nurse has to offer.

  19. 22 Oct 2015

    Pam Wade

    Ever considered going Remote? CRANAplus Member, Pam Wade felt the need for a sea-change. See her short story here.

  20. 15 Oct 2015

    Jessica Zachar

    A final-year Dentistry student at Charles Sturt University, Jessica has her career hopes on going rural and assisting in closing the gap in oral health services.

  21. 9 Jul 2015

    Dr Nick Williams

    Dr Nick Williams has been a doctor for over 30 years and reckons almost everything useful he has learnt has been from nurses and community health workers.

  22. 9 Jul 2015

    Angela Ramsay and Ely Taylor

    For Angela Ramsay and Ely Taylor, two students from Canberra whose clinical nursing experience to date was bound to hospitals, “going remote” was both eye-opening and refreshing.

  23. 9 Jul 2015

    ​Dr Lloyd Fletcher

    Dr Lloyd Fletcher, who spent 12 months in Antarctica as the Dr on Australia’s Davis Station, says he would recommend the experience of “going south” to anyone.

  24. 9 Jul 2015

    Palpable respect and pride

    Continuing the development of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioners

  25. 9 Jul 2015

    Nancy Weatherford

    A love for tiny little towns, isolated islands and the Aussie outback! Nancy has a passion for public health and improving living standards for those in far-flung corners of the world.

  26. 9 Jul 2015

    All in the Family

    The Glasby siblings, Gawaine, Aysleen, Aidan and Kyra, and their partners are all nurses involved in work as diverse as each individual.